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FAB Adventures

We provide the key skills needed in your “Adventure Toolkit”

Why use FAB ?

A little bit of FAB background info.

Reason one

FAB Adventures  is a well established training centre  run by an experienced Adventure Educator who is passionate about helping folks access adventure in their own lives.  For First Aid we are affiliated to the awarding body ITC, and is based in the Tweed Valley with training venues all over Scotland.

Reason two

“Advanced at the basics” is our core value. We want to provide our customers with a toolkit of skills that can be applied in any environment. From First aid to navigation, Mindsets to leadership we look at a basic skills set that creates a solid foundation. This allows our customers to use their own personal strengths to influence their style and delivery of the skill once it is learned!

Reason three

Authentic trainers who have a passion for adventure and nature, with the experience in real life situations to make training relevant and accessible. 

Our Work

…takes us Scotland wide enabling us to explore some remote and beautiful places while giving you the tools to save lives. How can we not love our job!

If you like what we do and want to know more

What our customers say

Don’t just take our word, take theirs:

“The sports first aid course was so relevant to our
workplace, the formulae is simple and easy to remember. Jen’s
experience of first aid is brilliant and very reassuring!”

Belinda Appleson | Head of girls games, The Edinburgh Academy

“I was impressed by the time and thought our instructor, Jen, put into preparing a class specifically for us. She made it fun and engaging; I left with a solid understanding of how to react in a first aid situation. Thank you for planning this for us.”
Jayne | Student Vet

Greygables, Springwood Rd

Peebles, EH45 9HB, UK
07894 442814