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About  Us

A brief history of everything FAB!

Long story short

 FAB Adventures was founded by Jen Isherwood way back when. “Become Advanced at the basics and feel empowered to create your own adventure!” has  always been our vision and we have courses which will help you shape your own future and take on adventures that are memorable and help you feel connected. 

Become the architect of your own adventures with the FAB training model – from First Aid and navigation to Resilience and thriving we have our own unique model to help keep things simple and authentic.

Our team are all active in the outdoors and definately have an adventure mindset, sharing enthusiasm, skills and a belief that the outdoors is for EVERYONE.

Now delivering her own brand of clear, clutter free training courses born out of real life experiences gained from over a decade of being in mountain rescue and a lifetime of working in Adventure Education.  Whether it is navigation, leadership, journey skills,  mindsets or first aid we are passionate about delivering training that provides you with an adventure toolkit!

We have all the right skills, let us Help You

Our Team

Meet the people who make FAB tick.

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Jen Isherwood: Director and Founder of FAB Adventures


“If you can be the best you can be, in the moment you are in… then you can be satisfied with what comes next!”  Jen’s belief is that simple and effective, practical training lead by experienced adventurers who are also educators gives clients the chance to learn how to be their “Best”.  Designing and delivering training, adapting and improving courses regularly ensures that FAB courses are authentic and up to date.

“Become advanced at the basics” with FAB and live a life full of adventure and challenge knowing you have the skills to hand if and when they are needed!

Jen has been an outdoor instructor for years, along side her role at FAB, Jen is currently Director of Adventure and Character Education at The Edinburgh Academy and a member of Tweed Valley MRT.


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Iain Laing: Financial director

With years of experience in project management and leadership Iain combines his passion for adventure with his business brain, helping FAB to manage as a business in a competitive landscape!

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Craig "Smithy" Smith! Trainer

Craig has been a FAB trainer for a number of years, providing excellence at every step.  Behind his modest manner lies  years of experience in Rescue and adventure… Craig shares his knowledge, develops the skills of his clients and provides an environment where learning feels safe, fun and relevant. Outside of the training space Craig regularly Guides in the Tweed valley and beyond, jumping on any chance for an adventure!

Greygables, Springwood Rd

Peebles, EH45 9HB, UK
07894 442814